Theater der Welt – Curator’s point of view: Amelie Deuflhard.

By Emiel van den Brink, Dina Chemko, Varvara Selizarova and Daria Tcaplina

Kampnagel is famous for its welcoming attitude towards refugees. What performances are aimed at this target group? How are social and political issues transfered into the artistic program of the upcoming festival Theater der Welt? Amelie Deuflhard, the artistic director of Kampnagel Hamburg answered all these and other questions during the interview.

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Amelie Deuflhard, born in 1959 in Stuttgart, studied Romance studies, history and cultural science. Between 2000 and 2007 she directed the Sophiensæle in Berlin. In 2003 she became chairwoman of the association “Zwischen Palast Nutzung” e.V. (Temporary Palace Use) that aimed to enable an artistic program at the demolished Palast der Republik (Palace of the Republic, Berlin). In 2004/05 she was one of the artistic directors of “Volkspalast” (People’s Palace), a kind-of festival project at the demolished Palace of the Republic. Since 2007 Amelie Deuflhard is the artistic director of Kampnagel Hamburg, the biggest independent stage and production venue for international Performing Arts in Germany, where she realizes creative works at the interface between theatre, performance, music, visual arts and architecture. The project “EcoFavela Lampedusa Nord”, that was initiated by Amelie Deuflhard and the artists group Baltic Raw in 2014, opened up a living and working space for refugees and received nationwide recognition. In March 2010 Amelie Deuflhard was awarded with the Caroline-Neuber award of the city of Leipzig, and in November 2013 she received the insignia of the Chevaliers des Arts et Lettres from the French ministry of culture.

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