Story in the quote – Technicians of Kampnagel.

By Emiel van den Brink, Dina Chemko, Varvara Selizarova and Daria Tcaplina

Who is working in the light department in the Kampnagel? Who is contacting international guest plays to decide how the stage has to look like? Who is controlling all technical processes during the performances? You can find out answers to these questions in our article.


– Andre Huppertz

„I’m one of the oldest people who has been working in Kampnagel. I have been working here for over 20 years. It is always great to have international guest plays, but you face certain challenges. Many are happy to come back to Kampnagel as well. It’s always a good feeling to have the international guests here.“



„For setting up we got the plan from the company where get a description about all lamps and lights, also their positions, and we are working according this plan. To prepare this setup we usually have a tight schedule. For this play we are working with Belgian technicians. They’ve got the plan of the stage which is the general one with all measures from us. It is not common that the company want to do something that we can’t do. Normally you can hang lamps in every position. We have a lot possibilities for the plays we are setting up.“



–  Jörn Walter

“I am the technical director and mostly I am the one who send the plot to the groups and I am getting the contacts with technicians from the guest plays. We got a team of 3-4 people who are all working together for the guest play. One guy, who is responsible for the light, one – for sound and video, and one for the stage.  The main challenge during the process of working for a guest play s the communication between workers at different stages. Each guest play is different, with most of them you are facing some kind of challenges. The most common one is the language barriers especially with Chinese theaters which we always need a translator for.”


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