Story in the quote – Technicians of the boat

By Emiel van den Brink, Dina Chemko, Varvara Selizarova and Daria Tcaplina

They are spending months in the sea. Every day they are surrounded by waves and the wind, each one is irreplaceable in their work. When their families are saying goodbye, the know that they will not see them for months. Each of them is in love with the sea and the ocean. Each of them is a real sailor.


– Captain

I have been doing my job for over 25 years. We are having responsibilities on the ship all the time, 24 hours / 7 days and I am supervising everyone. I am coordinating the communications with the harbour, and make sure that everything is on a schedule. We have two navigation officers, but I also have a shift in navigation. Sometimes, in certain locations when it is foggy, it is very important to coordinate navigation as well. I have to make sure that everything runs smoothly and I am glad that I get great help from my officers. I am also the one who is responsible for overseeing fuel management. Even though the work is interesting, the best part of it is going back home.



– Second assistant

Each week we are getting the special notices from seafarers. I am taking a look which maps I need to correct and if there any information, I am making the corrections. What is included in the corrections? New buoys appeared, any new signals appeared, the depth has changed, for example, was 10 meters and now it is 9. The adjustments are coming from England, from the main office. All maps are admiralty. I am a second assistant and I am an assistant of navigation and safety. My responsibilities include all navigation equipment, maps, proofreading, preparing the transition plan from berth to berth.I am making the way, after I am discussing it with the captain, asking him for advice because the way has to be safely which is really important.


for-web-site– Ilya

My name is Ilya and I’m a senior assistant on this vessel. One of my main responsibilities is this vessel loading, since we are on a ship that transports the containers. I could be called a Tetris-manager. This is a real tetris, we get the container sheet, where is written all registered characteristics of each of them. We need them to load to the ship so that it was with the optimum roll and safe for traffic and navigation.


ivan-for-web-site– Ivan

I’m the head engineer on this ship. I am responsible for all mechanical and technical equipment. We have a special book where is written all our responsibilities. In particular, the head engineer is responsible for all electrical and mechanical equipment, such as for the work of the main and auxiliary engines. Each ship has a minimum number of crew. For our ship necessarily is needed major and minor mechanics, if there is none of them it means that our vessel has no rights to go in the sea. For me, the hardest part of my job is pitching sea. In our free time we are doing usual things: reading a books, playing sport games, watching movies. When we were younger,we loved to go out in the city. I still amazed by my job. When I am fixing something, I am feeling a surge of strength

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