Wunderbaum – Anstinken gegen das Establishment.

von Jana Baier, Christoph Graebel und Christoph Vogel

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Bei Wunderbaum handelt es sich um ein Kollektiv holländischer und flämischer Schauspieler, die über aktuelle, oftmals politische Themen, im und außerhalb des Theaters berichten. Die Texte entstehen auf Grundlage der Recherchen zu den jeweiligen Themen, dennoch kommt es immer wieder mal vor, dass andere Autoren für Wunderbaum schreiben, alles natürlich unter der kreativen Kontrolle von Wunderbaum. Mit Wunderbaum assoziierten wir zunächst penetrant stinkende Duftbäume im Auto, die einem das Hirn aus der Nase laufen lassen. Warum das Kollektiv sich gerade diesen Namen zurechtgelegt hat, haben wir für euch versucht herauszufinden. Hierfür haben wir uns mit Schauspieler Matijs Jansen zu einem Facebook-Interview verabredet.


Hi Jana, I’m present

Hey, cool.

Do you want to start the interview know?

Ok. Here we go.

How did you started the Theater collective Wunderbaum?

We were together in theatreschool in Maastricht and didn’t want to be only acting in a company and wanted to be responsible for the whole peace we were making

And since in Holland we have a long history with collectives it was quite easy to start

We asked johan Simons if we could make pieces under the wings of his company Hollandia and he siad yes. That was a great opportunity

Ok. How many people started the collective?

We starte with five actors and one set designer

And did you grow during the years?

Yes, but not very much, we try to keep it workable. Now we have four people working with us at the office and two more on a project basis

So you are a stabil team right now.

Why did you choose the name: „Wunderbaum“?

Yes we are a stable team. First we were named Jonghollandia, after Johan company Hollandia, but after four years we realised that in the future we wouldn’t be young anymore. At that time we were doing a piece in Slovenia and there we were in a taxi were there was this Wunderbaum hanging from the rearviewmirror. than we came up with the idea. Slept over it one night and decided the name was all right

Nice story. The name makes everybody quite curios.

I always think that in German it’s kind of childish isn’t it?

Yeah, it is. 🙂 But everybody knows this: „Wunderbaum“…and therefore it is quite good to remember.


So next question. Your project: „The new Forest“ is about social changes and in general about the social system in Belgium and the Netherlands. Could you tell us more about the project? Which objectives do you have?

I’ll try in a few words


In 2012 all media and in a way our lives were overwhelmed by these different crisis; economical, political, ecological. We were thinking how can we do something witht hat as theatre makers. So we thought let’s start a new fictional society in which we try to have a  diferent look at all these things. we started with doing projects about how to run a society ‚de komst van Xia‘ Health Care ‚Hospital‘ The Law ‚De Wet‘ Later on we didn’t want to make projects anymore in which we sort of gave answers so the focus became mnore: questioning our own engagement toward making the world a better/different/weirder place. ‚Stop Acting Now‘ ‚We doen het wel zelf‘ What are we willing to do for the bigger thing? Something like that. Beside that we also wanted to built more of an oevre in stead of going from topic to topic with every new show. The new forest was a good way to do that.

Making typing mistakes, but you’ll take them out,no?

You’ll probably translate to german off course

Actually we were thinking…to leave it like it is. To have something like a style-instrument. To make it more real…

Anyway I did also a few mistakes…

Wow real

But I can put yours out..

if you want me to

No don’t

An dleave this in asweel

I like realism

Realism is always good  🙂  And your collective is also based on real stories…isn´t it?

It’s my first facebook chat interview so that is also a very real first time experience. I realise that talking is also quite handy. but I like it

So i guess you are quite political and trying to create some kind of utopia in form of theater…

We try to play on the line of fiction and reality with al lot of projects

Do you have a central issue which you want to present and discuss in form of theater?

We have a lot of discussions at the start of projects where the word utopia comes by. than we always try to go away from it a littlebit, because we like it better to make theater about people in this society and their (and our own) doubts questions, struggles

I heard that soon you gonna come to Hamburg. Is that right? Do you have a new project over here?

It’s not that we really have a central issue. It is more that we try to ask ourselves questions all the time with which we make ourselves doubt things, and through that try to take our audience with us in this questioning things. Who we are and why we ended up in this society.

yes we have a new project

What is it about?

So far it’s called: A supposedly fun thing I’ll never do again. That is a book of David Foster Wallace. he went on a Cruise and wrote about it. It’s a funny and good book. With Wunderbaum we are goiong to make a entertaiment show on a Cruise ship. While being on the ship we also interview people. We have the book, the interviews and the entertainment show and we’ll make a play out of these three elements. The fundament is another sentence of David Foster Wallace: Death by entertainment. A good sentence with a lot to say about.

The premiere will be in Hamburg

Wow. That sounds quite nice. Do you have a already a date for the premiere? Where is it gonna be? On a ship?

It will be in an empty packhouse. Is that English? We will work with quite some video. The audience will be surrounded by video. Is the idea now. The premier date is not yet completely fixed. Latest thing I heard was june 6-th

Are you free than?

I dont know yet. I thought you gonna be in hamburg in January.

But anyway we could write something about the premiere on our blog.

If you have a fixed date…let me know.

Ah, we’ll be starting the project from the end of january, we’ll probably be in hamburg a few times but only for rehearsing and talking the project through.

I will let you know

I was making a joke about being free. Nice if you can come but very far away

Ohhh okay. Anyway thank you very much for attending the interview. I guess we have found out a lot about Wunderbaum. And I wish you all the best for further projects.

Thank you. And good luck with the blog.

Thanks. Have a good time. And enjoy Hamburg.

Bye bye

Bye, have a nice day.

You too.



Anm. d. Red.: Das Interview fand im Spätherbst 2016 statt.

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